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Azalea Surprise A dwarf evergreen shrub with funnel-shaped, pink flowers with white margins in spring. Max Height 80cm. Max Spread 1.2m. Flowers April to May. Full sun. Hardy.

Azalea Blaauw's Pink is a small evergreen azalea of low, spreading growth, with small mid-green leaves and hose-in-hose, salmon-pink flowers, 4cm in width, in mid spring.

Azalea Vuyk's Scarlet is a low, spreading, compact evergreen azalea to 75cm in height, with small glossy leaves and bright crimson, widely funnel-shaped flowers, 6cm in width, with wavy lobes, in mid-spring.

Azalea Amoenum Small dense shrub. Brilliant magenta flowers are profusely borne in spring. Best in an open situation, drought tolerant.

Azalea Rose Greeley Wonderful large white flowers up to 65mm wide, with a yellow-green leaves. Slightly scented and flowering in early May, this is a great plant with a dense spreading habit. Ideal for smaller gardens.

Azalea ‘Klondyke’ is a pretty, deciduous azalea that blooms in May and produces gorgeous red buds that open to reveal trusses of large, funnel-shaped, golden-orange flowers that are surrounded by mid-green leaves. Unusual with its coppery young foliage and good autumn colour, this hardy azalea would look brilliant planted along a shrub border. ‘Klondyke’ is happy facing any aspect placed in the full sun or partial shade in moist, well-drained soil.

Evergreen Azalea Santa Maria. With bold, showy orange flowers in May, the Santa Maria grows to 1m (3ft) high and wide and is particularly eye-catching in borders, rockeries and tubs.

Azalea Mother's Day A low growing semi-evergreen shrub that produces large bright-red flowers with ruffled petals in Spring. In Winter, the green foliage often takes on a bronze glow. An attractive shrub that offers a burst of colour early in the year.

Azalea 'Blue Danube' is a compact evergreen azalea with dull green, oblong leaves and broadly funnel-shaped, pale-centred, violet-blue flowers, 4cm wide, opening in late spring.

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