Strawberry Collection

Strawberry Collection

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Strawberry Elsanta An excellent high yielding mid-season Dutch variety, one of the most widely grown commercial cultivars. A supermarket favourite due to its excellent storage qualities, size of fruit, and the fact that the fruit is less prone to bruising than many other varieties


Strawberry Pegasus  This late summer strawberry has good all round disease resistance and is an excellent choice for organic gardeners, preferring slightly heavier soils. 

Strawberry Darselect is a low-growing, stoloniferous perennial with palmate, toothed, wrinkled, mid- to dark green leaves and white flowers in spring followed by glossy, deep red fruit harvested in early summer.

Strawberry Cijosee The Strawberry plant is a perennial appreciated for its abundant production of small fruits. It is also used as a ground covering plant, or to ornate the soil of a border in an original way. The strawberries are gathered when they are bright red and come away easily. Fragile, they do not keep very long. Rich in vitamins and with low calorie content, they are the summer fruit 'par excellence'. Eaten raw, in jams, in fruit purées, in tarts, they will delight the young and the adults alike!

Strawberry Lambada is not known for its performance but more for her exquisite and delicious sweet taste and aroma. No wonder Strawberry Lambada is known and used by the top restaurants and chefs. Strawberry Lambada is one of the earliest varieties to start throwing its first strawberries. The Strawberry harvesting season for Lambada takes of in May until mid June.

Strawberry Ostara is a variety of strawberry which is exceptionally fertile, and because of that repeats fruiting. It can be planted into large pots or boxes, and trained as hanging or climbing. It fruits from mid-July until the autumn. ... The taste is like wild strawberries. This variety is very easy to grow.

Strawberry korona  An early fruiting variety, ‘Korona’ produces exceptionally big crops of large, juicy fruits. These soft strawberries have a good flavour and are ideal for using to make sauces and juices.

 Strawberry Sonata ‘Sonata’ is a mid-season variety with a pleasing strawberry aroma and a good flavour balance of sweet and acid. It stands up well to inclement weather, too, including hot spells and heavy rain.

Strawberry Charlotte The strawberry plant 'Charlotte' produces delicious woody flavoured strawberries from June through to the first frost. It is an easy plant to look after, hardy, and disease resistant. Plant them now: the shortest way to your plate is through your garden!

Strawberry Rabunda Dutch origin. Average-sized fruti, of short conical bulky shape, bright orange-red colour. Firm, juicy and scented flesh of pleasant taste and white-pink colour.





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