Dryopteris Collection - Fern


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Dryopteris can be deciduous, semi-evergreen or evergreen ferns, with stout, erect or decumbent rhizomes and shuttlecock-like rosettes of lance-shaped to ovate, pinnately divided fronds.

'Cristata' is a robust, nearly evergreen fern to 1.2m tall, with rosettes of erect to arching bipinnate fronds, handsomely crested at the tips of the fronds and pinnae

'Brilliance' is an evergreen fern with bronze-coloured new fronds in spring and particularly bright orange-red ripe spores on the undersides of the leaves in autumn

D. affinis is a robust semi-evergreen fern forming a rosette of erect, bipinnatifid fronds to 1.2m in length, bright yellow-green when young, later rich green, with dense, persistent golden scales on the stems

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