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Photinia × Fraseri 'Red Robin' is a dense medium-sized evergreen shrub of erect habit, with glossy, elliptic leaves to 10cm in length, bright red when young, later dark green. Flowers creamy-white, rather sparse. 10L

Photinia 'Little Red Robin' is a smaller, more compact version of our standard Photinia. Sometimes referred to as ‘Christmas Berry’ Little Red Robin, this plant has beautiful evergreen foliage that is bright red whilst young in spring, maturing into a glossy green in autumn through to winter. Photinia × fraseri 'Little Red Robin' has a compact, upright habit and is not as loose in shape as Photinia.

Photinia Magical Volcano is an interesting new Photinia which has a serrated edge to the leaf. It has a very strong colour which remains on the new foliage for longer than other Photinias. Perfect for hedging or as a specimen, it will reach a height and spread of 3m and will do well in sun or partial shade. Sold in a 2.5 litre pot.

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