Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi

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RootGrow is an organic mycorrhizal (pronounced my-cor-y-zal) fungi - a friendly fungi for plants which greatly promotes healthy growth. It is the first plant or soil treatment to be licensed by The Royal Horticultural Society and is used by BBC's Gardeners World. The RHS are clearly cautious that people don't oversell the benefits but they have authorised that the following can be claimed for this superb product:

  1. Superior plant establishment with triple the growth rate*
  2. Overcome re-plant problems more successfully with fewer losses
  3. Have better developed root systems that do not out-grow their site
  4. Increased flower and fruit production
  5. Are better able to cope with conditions of drought

*compared to untreated plants.

A single application of Rootgrow will support a plant for its entire lifetime.


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360g Rootgrow with dipping gel
 There is probably not one single other group of plants that will benefit more from Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi than bare root hedging and trees. The reason behind this is simple, a bare root plant has been lifted from a growing field and has had its roots pruned down to a fraction of their original size, rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi redresses this balance very quickly as the fungal root grows so much faster than the plants own root.  This gives the plant access to nutrients and water in the soil very quickly guaranteeing good establishment and significant early growth. It is in the specific case of planting bare root trees that the Royal Horticultural Society recommends the use of rootgrow based on over a decade of experience in using it and seeing the benefits. Each pack of Rootgrow with dipping gel contains mycorrhizal fungi granules and a sachet of gel powder for bare-root plants.  Within 4 weeks treated plants will start to grow a secondary root system which will support them for their lifetime. Mix the gel with water in a bucket and then add the granules and stir to make a thick solution to dip the roots of your bare-root plants in before planting.


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