Buxus Liquid Plant Food 1L - Westland

Buxus Liquid Plant Food 1L - Westland


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  • Green, lush growth
  • Easy to dilute concentrate
  • Helps disease resistance

Buxus Feed promotes excellent plant health in your box hedges, box balls and box tree by making them tolerant to pests and diseases.

Your feed is fast-acting and high in nitrogen, potash and trace elements which boxes love and will reward you with lush growth and greener than green leaves. Your box plants easily absorb the nutrients when you add the liquid feed to water and apply to the root zone.

Particularly handy if the box plants in your area suffer from box blight – which makes the leaves of box plants yellow and box hedges patchy in growth with large holes. Box plants and particularly hedges are useful near growing crops where the hedge acts as an effective windbreak.

So make sure you add this feed to your arsenal of garden accessories to get your evergreen box its greenest and fullest all year round.